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Let the Journey Begin!

ad designer

I am super excited to share my new website with you! This week, I sat down and thought about how I wanted to make a change to my freelance work. As a designer, many times we present ourselves as a jack of all trades, but as of 2024, having a niche was calling my name. I wanted to put more of myself into my work by doing what I do best and love. Before I give you the rundown, I just want to say how beautiful it has been to have the opportunity to work with small businesses, creating logos, managing content, and all the things.

As a freelancer, I want to focus on creating ads for businesses, including corporations. Why ads? I worked for a major corporation for almost a decade, designing ads. I want to expand upon those skills by creating engaging ads and compelling copy both near and far for various industries.

Yes, I'm l still open to other projects relating to design as well.

So, if your business needs an ad, I'm here to create!