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Should I hire a graphic designer?

I hear this question being asked all the time: "Should I hire a graphic designer?" If you find yourself asking this question, it may be a clear indication that you need a designer to some capacity. While so much has changed with "AI," there are still things that only a professional can produce. At what point does your content become identical to your competitors? This is where the research of a designer comes into play.

Recently, I worked on a project for a small business using a popular platform. While the builder advertises the platform as easy, for some people parts might be unclear. For example, your images should be optimized prior to uploading. One reason for this is because the desktop site and mobile site look and function differently.

Some may even find the elements in the platform to be overwhelming. There are numerous ways to change the look and feel of an element. A designer would know which elements would be appealing to your specific audience.

Benefits of hiring a graphic designer:

  • Save time
  • Quality services
  • Consistency
  • Boost brand awareness

Designing a website or ad is more than just adding images and text; it's about making sure elements are coherent in their space.

Having a graphic designer to help with your graphics allows you to focus more on your story. We're here to help you tell an interesting story to your audience through design.