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Meet the Designer

With a passion for supporting small businesses, I was introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age when my parents launched their own venture. Witnessing the challenges and rewards of ownership fueled my desire to aid others in pursuing their dreams. In 2018, I established my own small business alongside full-time employment, learning the ropes of business operations and comprehending the hurdles faced by small enterprises. This journey also led me to gain expertise in web design, SEO, and digital advertising. 

Later, as a Digital Media Designer 2, I created digital online ads for U.S. dealerships.Education, health, and small business advocacy are close to my heart. I believe everyone deserves quality education and healthcare, and I'm enthusiastic about empowering small businesses.

After eight years, I shifted my focus to assist fellow small businesses in their growth endeavors. As a Creative Director at Jean Alon Media Productions, I now leverage my skills and proven track record to creatively drive measurable success. If you're a small business owner, I'm here to help you grow. With a degree in Web Design Interactive Media and a UX Design certification, I initiated my career at an ad agency as a Web Designer, crafting websites.

As a writer, I have written and self-published books on small business growth. I was introduced to self-publishing in 2014 after completing my first novelette. My other works can be found on, where I write about small business and the workplace. Feel free to reach out – I look forward to our collaboration.