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"Hi, I'm Michaela, a Visual Designer with 10 years of experience in the field."

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Should I hire a graphic designer?
I hear this question being asked all the time: "Should I hire a graphic designer?" If you find yourself asking this question, it may be a clear indication that you need a designer to some capacity. While so much has changed with "AI," there are still...
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Meet the Designer
With a passion for supporting small businesses, I was introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age when my parents launched their own venture. Witnessing the challenges and rewards of ownership fueled my desire to aid others in pursuing their dreams...
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Let the Journey Begin!
I am super excited to share my new website with you! This week, I sat down and thought about how I wanted to make a change to my freelance work. As a designer, many times we present ourselves as a jack of all trades, but as of 2024, having a niche wa...
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